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You’ve seen bouncy houses around the neighborhood. Maybe you’ve rented one yourself for your kid’s birthday. Or perhaps you’ve seen your kids and their friends jumping and laughing like crazy in a bounce house at a fair or another local event. While you’re enjoying watching kids have the time of their lives, maybe you start thinking about how great it would be to provide those bounce houses.

Maybe you start daydreaming about how much fun it would be to watch kids screaming with laughter every weekend. Perhaps you start thinking about how much your family would appreciate spending more time with you and what it would be like to leave your daily job and work for yourself instead.

Don’t give up on this dream! You can own a bounce house rental company and be successful.

While you’re daydreaming and researching how to make this dream a reality, take a drive around your community. Bring a camera and/or notebook to record what jumper equipment you see being used. That’s the same type of equipment you’ll want to invest in. Why? That’s the equipment people want.

Think about it like this – when Shaw’s opens a new grocery store they’ve spent time and money to figure out the best location. Have you ever noticed that a few months after that new Shaw’s comes to new a Stop and Shop will open up across the street? It seems silly, but Stop and Shop is actually using Shaw’s to advance their own business. You can do the same thing with your bounce house rental biz.

Now, let’s say you need to pick up a bag of sugar from the grocery store. You go to Shaw’s, but they’re all out of sugar. Since Stop and Shop is right across the street, you head over there and successfully purchase your sugar. With you moonwalk rental business, you can make money when the other guy isn’t answering his phone.

Are you ready to take the next step towards owning a fun business? Stop dreaming and starting putting the foundation in place. I suggest you begin by taking this short (3-minute) quiz to get a better picture of what you need to be successful and how much money you could make.

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