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When it comes to your career, what’s your biggest fantasy? Do you want to work for yourself? Create a company that’s fun for you? Do a job that makes you excited to get up in the morning? Earn money while you sleep? You can have all these dreams, and more, when you start a bounce house business.

If you’re like most people, the idea of striking out on your own in a new business venture is bit intimidating. Perhaps entering the inflatables rental businesses seems even more intimidating because you’re not sure you have any of the necessary skills or knowledge.

Well, set those fears aside. You can start this fun new business venture with little, or no, risk and be massively successful. There are some secrets to this business. Once you learn them, success and financial freedom are yours.

I’ll let you in on a secret right now. It’s all about knowing your market.


Think about it like this. When you call to make a reservation at a restaurant and they’re full for the date and time you want, what do you do? Chances are you call another restaurant. You probably don’t throw up your hands and say “oh well, I guess we’ll eat in for Valentine’s Day.”

The same holds true for bounce house rentals. When someone in your target area tries to rent equipment from your competitor and he doesn’t have the bouncy house they want, or doesn’t answer the phone, you’re there with the equipment. When you do it right, you can make money in your sleep!

If you’re ready to learn more about the exciting bounce house rental business, stop spending your time and money researching packages that may or may not work for you. Instead, try taking this short (3-minutes or less) quiz below to see what you need to be successful.

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