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What’s your career dream? Maybe you’ve been thinking about owning your own business. As you’ve continued that thought process maybe you’ve started thinking about how wonderful it would be to own a business that’s fun – fun for you and fun for the people who use your product or service. Perhaps you’ve even started looking at options.

Maybe you’ve come across network marketing businesses for everything from kitchen ware to beauty products, but none of it has connected for you. And maybe you’re not sure if network marketing is for you anyway. And then maybe one weekend you were out driving around and saw kids jumping and laughing on a rented bouncy house. Did this get you thinking about owning a bounce house business? Excellent!

If you’ve started researching owning a moonwalk business, you’ve likely come across bounce house packages for sale. They all seem sort of the same, yet different, and you’re probably wondering if buying one of those packages is the best deal. I’m glad you’ve paused here! Successful inflatables business owners call me the King of Inflatables. Let’s take a look at what you truly need to start a jumper business.

First, as you may have guessed, is the equipment. And that’s where the package deals try to sell you on something that may or may not be right for you. The key isn’t owning random inflatables. The key is owning bounce house equipment that will rent in your area. That’s how you make money – renting the equipment.

To figure out what equipment is a smart investment, drive around your area. What jumper equipment is being used? Buy that! When that guy’s got no equipment left to rent because he invested in too many inflatables no one’s interested in, you’ll have the items to rent and earn money he’s missing out on.

STOP wasting your time looking at bounce house packages for sale. Don’t waste your time or money. Instead, I suggest you take this 3-minute quiz. You’ll learn if you have what it takes to succeed in the inflatables rental business.

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