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You’ve probably been to outdoor events in the past. Maybe you recall that in prior years someone rented a bounce house for the kids. Likely it added to the festive atmosphere.

Perhaps this has you thinking about owning your own inflatables business. And maybe while you’re daydreaming about the possibility of owning a moonwalk business, you start to look online for what’s involved.

In your research, it’s likely you’ve run across many inflatable manufacturers and a variety of jumper business packages. Likely you’re wondering if they’re all the same or if there’s one that’s better. What I want you to understand is that success in this business isn’t about the manufacturer of the package that you buy. There’s a lot more to it.

Every inflatable equipment company is going to tell you they’re the best. They’re trying to make a sale, after all. The truth is that each package comes with pre-determined equipment that may or may not rent in your area. Quality-wise, they are all pretty equivalent. They have to follow safety standards. What really matters to you in starting a moonwalk rental business is investing in equipment that will rent in your area.

Think about it. Spending money on equipment that takes up space in your garage, basement or other storage area doesn’t help you. Instead, you want to own jumper equipment that will rent on a consistent basis. Take a look around your area. What bouncy houses do you see? That’s the smartest place to spend your investment money.

It doesn’t matter that someone else is renting them, too. They don’t have an unlimited supply. When that guy doesn’t answer his phone, has no availability on a certain date or can’t meet customer needs. You’ll be there – and you’ll do it better.

STOP researching inflatables manufacturers. Instead, learn what it takes to be successful. I suggest you take the short, 3-minute, quiz below to get a full picture of what it takes to be successful in the moonwalk business.

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