Essentials of a Bounce House Business Plan

Starting a Bounce House Business

When you get up in the morning to go to work, what’s your first thought – ugh or yay? Any job comes with a few “ugh” days, but if those feelings encompass the majority of your workday mornings, it might be time for a change. Chances are, you’ve been considering one in the back of your mind.

The prospect of searching for a new job is overwhelming. It often feels like a second job with all the time and effort required to find a new position. And when you finally do decide to make the jump to a new job, there’s no guarantee that it’ll be better than what you’ve been doing.

Instead, how about starting your own business? One that’s fun for everyone and, when done correctly, can earn you money in your sleep. That sounds pretty great, right? As the King of Inflatables, I’m here to tell you that a bounce house business can give you this dream. With the right bounce house business plan, you can have a fun business and be in charge of your own destiny. You’ll have more control over your time and likely make more money than you are in your current job. Stop working that day-to-day job that gives you a case of the “ughs” and start having more fun while having more control over your time.

What’s Involved in a Bounce House Business Plan?

Great question! Two factors are important in a bounce house business plan that leads to success: leveraging without risk and systems. You’ll learn much more about these items in our free webinar. The gist is that both these items need to be part of your bounce house business plan to put you on the path to success.

Leveraging without risk means that you invest little (or no) of your own money without knowing there will be a return on investment. This is possible by leveraging the research and information used by other bounce house businesses in your area. Don’t waste your money on bounce house equipment that looks fun, but won’t rent in your area. Owning equipment that doesn’t earn you money doesn’t make sense. By looking at what bounce house equipment is popular in your area, you can spend your investment money appropriately.

Systems are the key to earning money in your sleep. Think about it like this. If someone is looking to rent a bounce house for their child’s birthday party, they’re likely going to search for bounce house rental companies in the area and start calling. If the phone goes unanswered, they’re going to move on to the next one on the list. With the right system, you customers can schedule and pay for their rentals right on your website while you sleep. You wake up with money in your PayPal account and guaranteed booking for your equipment.

STOP wasting your time researching bounce house business packages. Don’t waste your money on packages that don’t have a solid bounce house business plan behind them. Instead, I suggest you take our Free Bounce House Business Test (takes 3 minutes or less) to see if you have what it takes.

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